03 May 2013

Report of Delivery of s/v Cornoto - Sept 2011

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Subject: Thanks for your report on Coronoto
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 13:36:22 -0400
From: Perk Perkins Perk@ORVIS.com

To: jan cluistra
CC: Michel Benarrosh michelbena@gmail.com

Dear Jan

Thank you for your delivery report on s/v Coronoto, my 46ft Leopard catamaran
and also the safe conveyance of her from Grenada to Just Catamarans,
Fl., USA. Michel gave me a glowing report on your skills and
professionalism so I am honored to have had the Catamaran in such
qualified hands.

This all makes me want to pursue your delivery of the boat to Belize
(with me aboard) with greater zeal depending upon your sailing
commitments in November. I would really like to benefit from your
seamanship by joining you on this leg from Ft Lauderdale south therefore if you could Let me know what might be possible.

Kind Regards

Perk Perkins