07 May 2013


We specialize in Leopard sail and power catamarans but also deliver Outremer's, Gun Boat's, Catana's, Lagoon's, Admiral's,            Fontaine Pajot's, Voyage and Antares cats  ... 

You name it, we can deliver it !    

We also offer free training on your vessel if you come along on the delivery, or else we also offer personalized one-on-one sail training on your own vessel by Captain Jan Cluistra ...

To see CV's, logbooks, references, 
general information, etc. 
(Please note that references are not strictly in date order i.e. the reference from Adam & Lisa Friedlander on the latest delivery of a brand new Outremer 45 in December 2014, is shown as being posted in May 2013 due to trying to run this blog as a website with a layout !) 


(contact details on the top right hand corner of this BlogSpot)
* SAS (SA Sailing Govt ticket) Yachtmaster Ocean
* SAS instructor/examiner
* SAS Motor Vessel Captain up to 100 tons with
 350,000 nm's   
world wide sailing experience

and   ........

(contact details on the top right hand corner of this BlogSpot)
 *Cruising Association (CASA) Yachtmaster 
   *Marine Technician 
*Celestial Navigation 
240,000 nm's  
world wide sailing  experience

Many years ago we realized the need for highly qualified and experienced catamaran delivery captains and thus formed a partnership to be able to deliver all sorts of vessels world-wide. 

Being owners of catamarans, we fully appreciate the value of your vessel, thus they are always in safe hands giving you peace of mind that they will reach their destination in the same condition they left in with a full report of the journey. 

We carry out full sea trials prior to departure so you can have peace of mind knowing that all the equipment and the vessel has been put to the test.

We have many happy clients who you are welcome to contact (see below or contact our office at email: the.yacht.delivery.team@gmail.com) to hear about our clients exciting "Trans-Atlantic Experiences" from CT, SA to various destinations around the world plus EU to Caribbean.

We also sub-contract to one of the worlds largest charter companies, Tui Marine (i.e. The Moorings, Sunsail, Footloose & Le Boat) and have delivered many of their brand new Leopard catamarans out of Cape Town, South Africa to various destinations around the world for many years (most are now shipped to BVI for us to collect them there). We also handle the Leopard show boats at the USA shows, taking out prospective clients and judges and deliver many prototype boats from various manufacturers around the world.

For a quote or to organize personalized sail training on your own vessel contact us as per the CONTACT DETAILS at the top right hand corner of this BlogSpot. 

Thank you, we look forward to delivering your "baby" .........

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06 May 2013

(see contact details on the top right hand corner of this BlogSpot)

Available all year round for deliveries and personalized sail training on your own vessel.



* SAS (SA Sailing Govt. Ticket) Yacht Master Ocean
* SAS Off-shore Instructor/Examiner
* 100 Tonne SAS Motor Vessel Captain
* PADI Dive master
* Ham License Operator
* First Aid and fire fighting


* World sailing council member (ISAF) for 4 years
* Commodore False Bay Yacht Club, Simon's Town, SA
* Executive member of The SA Sailing Federation
* Honouree life membership for services to sailing, False Bay Yacht Club, SA
* National SAS chairman of safety at sea for 4 years
* Board Member of Simon's Town Marina Company, SA for 4 years
* Chairman of the development committee that built 220 marina’s at the False Bay Yacht Club, SA
* Regional chairman and council member of The Cruising Association of SA
Having served on the executive of the sailing federation as well as ISAF, I have dealt with members as a Club Commodore and served on the board of the marina company. I have developed good communication skills as well as the ability to work with all levels of people. I was well liked and successful in getting the job done on time.
The boats I have worked with range from 38ft to 65ft, mono and multi-hulls (catamarans mainly), sail and power, therefore having captained both power as well as sailing vessels I have developed good all-round sailing experience. As a boat owner I also know and respect the value of the vessels that I work on. We are also well known and fully trusted with all the brand new boats from the factories and the "Moorings" group. John K and myself have a reputation for delivering boats in 100% condition, to anywhere in the world.

*Nov/Dec - bringing a brand new Outremer 45 catamaran from the factory in La Motte, France to St Martin, Caribbean with the owner.
* Sept/Oct - taking a brand new Leopard 5800 catamaran from off the ship in Tortola, BVI to the Annapolis boat show.
* Sept. - Leopard 4600 cat, Grenada Moorings base to St Maarten.
Aug - sailing my own cat down in Grenada and Trinidad.
* July - Personalized sail training with an owner of a new Leopard 4600 cat in Miami. 
* End March/End April - Leopard 4600, Tortola, BVI to Nice, France, via Azores.
* Feb. - Collecting new Leopard Catamarans off the ship from Cape Town in Tortola, BVI with our team of skippers, then personally taking a brand new Leopard 4400 to the Miami Boat Show.
* Jan. - Miami boat show - demo sailing various Leopard catamarans to prospective clients.
* Dec '13 - Jan '14:  Moving  all the Leopard catamarans off the ship in Miami which came from  SA - personally taking them all up river to get their masts and rigging put on, etc. then moving them back down to the Miami Boat Show.
* Sept - Nov -  Collecting the Moorings brand new Leopard catamarans off the ship in BVI from SA, then sailing them to the Annapolis boat show with our team of skippers
* Begin. May - The Moorings 39ft power catamaran  - Florida USA to Tortola BVI.
* Mid March/April - sailing my own catamaran "Nauti Cat" from Grenada to BVI's and back down the island chain, WI's.
* Jan/Feb - Leopard 4800 catamaran - Miami boat show to Tortola, BVI
* December - End January 2013 - Tui Marine, Owners Leopard 5800 catamaran CT, SA - Miami, USA for the boat show.
*August-end October - Tui Marine i.e. The Moorings/Sunsail - Delivery of the first Leopard 58ft catamaran CT,SA - Annapolis USA boat show then after the show, delivering  it onto Miami for more client demo's.
* March-May: The Moorings, personally delivered 2 Leopard catamarans, one, Miami to St Marten and one, St Marten to Annapolis.  The balance of the other 3 boats Miami to Tortola/St Marten and the other 4 boats, Tortola and St. Marten to Annapolis were delivered by our team of skippers.
* Jan-Feb: The Moorings, Sunsail -delivery of brand new show boats (catamarans and mono-hulls) from the Miami Boat Show to various bases around the Caribbean with business partner and skippers.
 2011 :
* October-December 2011 - Tui Marine i.e. The Moorings, Sunsail -30 odd "brand new" The Moorings and Sunsail catamarans and mono-hulls from the Annapolis boat show in USA, where we help to demo them to prospective clients and sailing magazines and then co-ordinating and also personally delivering the boats along with the rest of our team of skippers, 1st mates and crew to their respective bases throughout the Caribbean.
* Sept/Oct: "Coronoto" Private Leopard 4600 Catamaran - The Moorings Grenada to Just Catamarans, Miami, Florida.
* Tui Marine, The Moorings - New 50ft show boat to and from the Miami Boat Show
* "Nauti Cat" (our own catamaran) cruising the Caribbean from Grenada, Trinidad, Tobago then up and all around Tobago Keys, etc.
Oct 2010/March 2011:
* October-December 2010 - January - March 2011 - Tui Marine, The Moorings and Sunsail boats - delivering 30 odd "brand new" The Moorings and Sunsail boats (mono-hulls) from the factory drop off point in South Carolina, USA to the various bases in the Caribbean and also one through the Panama Canal up to Lower California/Mexico, La Paz with our full team of skippers, first mates and crew.
* "Nauti Cat"  (our own catamaran) - Cape Town to Grenada WI's via Brazil and Suriname
* "Banderal" brand new Admiral 40ft catamaran  - Cape Town to Sicily with the owner and crew via St Helena, Ascention Island, Spain.
* "Semper Fi" brand new Leopard 4600 catamaran with owners - Mykonos, CT, SA - Trinidad with the owners and crew.
* Tui Marine - "New" Sunsail 384 Leopard catamaran - CT, SA to Miami
* For the rest of the year I have been overseeing the completion of my own Admiral 38 catamaran, "Nauti Cat" by Admiral Yachts, Cape Town, South Africa.
* Tui Marine/Moorings New 3700  Leopard Power Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Miami, USA for one of the Tui Directors.
* "Hula Girl" New Admiral 40ft Sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Miami, USA
* "Vision" New Admiral 38ft sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Salvador with the owner.
* "Zeepaard" own 45ft sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Luderitz, Namibia.
* Tui Marine/Moorings New 4700 Power Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to La Paz, Mexico 9500nm via Panama Canal.
* Tui Marine/Moorings "Nautic Blue" New Leopard 4700 Power Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Bahamas
* "Liliana" New Admiral 38ft sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Miami boat show with the owners.
* "Banana Split" New Admiral 38ft sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Miami, USA with the owners.
* "Highland Odyssey" New Admiral 38ft sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Caribbean with the owners.
* "Flamingo" New Admiral 38ft sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Miami, USA with the owners.
* "Gobnait" New Admiral 38ft sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Miami, USA with the owners.
* Tui Marine/Moorings New 4700 sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to British Virgin Islands (BVI)
* Tui Marine/Moorings New 4700 sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to BVI
* "Tee Time" New Admiral 38ft Sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Trinidad with the owners.
* "Zeepaard 2" 45ft Sailing Catamaran Rio Race, Cape Town, SA to Salvador, Brazil, Rio then back to Cape Town, SA.
* "Di Di Mau" New Admiral 38ft sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA to Miami, USA with owners.
* "Green-on-Blue" New 42ft Atlantic sailing Catamaran, Cape Town, SA - Caribbean -Pacific-Australia with the owner.
* Sheraton Cape to Rio race on "Zeepaard 2", personal 45ft catamaran with SA navy team.
* Day chartering for a 1 year period on my personal 45ft Bruce Roberts and then 45ft Woods catamaran.
* 1988/2000: 1st Mate Atlantic Crossing to Salvador, deliveries around South African coast, plus sailing of own vessel "Zeepaard 1"  Bruce Roberts 45 mono around the South African coast.

Most of the catamaran deliveries entailed taking delivery of the new boat, setting it up for the owner, then helping them to get used to the boat and taking them across the Atlantic, SA to USA, hence "The Trans-Atlantic" experience for our clients .......

Please page down to see references from our clients plus I can provide contact numbers for Tui Marine (Moorings & Sunsail). 

05 May 2013

CAPTAIN JOHN KOTZE'                          (see contact details on the top right hand corner of this Blog spot)                    

* Cruising Association of      SA (CASA) 
Yacht  Master Offshore
* PADI Dive Master
* 2002/2003 - Marine technician  (larryachts@AOL.com)

* 2002 - Charter base manager Florida Keys

AVAILABLE: all year round

WATERS SAILED:  North and South Atlantic, Mediterranean, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Pacific, Caribbean, Mexican Gulf, North Sea and Baltic Sea


* Oct/Nov. Leopard 5800 catamaran show boat from Annapolis boat show to BVI to go into crewed charter.
* Leopard 5800 catamaran, 6023nm, Cape Town, SA to Tortola, BVI.
* Leopard 48 catamaran,1302nm,Ft Lauderdale to St Martin/Tortola, BVI
* Leopard 39 power catamaran,1149nm,Ft Lauderdale/Tortola
* Leopard 48 catamaran,1,520nm,Tortola/Annapolis
* Leopard 48 catamaran,1692nm,Annapolis/St Martin/Tortola
* Jeaneau 41mono, 1406nm,Charleston/Tortola
* Leopard 44 catamaran,3765nm,Miami/St Martin/Belize
* Jeneteau 43 mono,1483nm,Tortola/Annapolis
* Fontein Pajot 41 catamaran,883nm,Fort Lauderdale/Annapolis
* Leopard 48 catamaran,7,493nm,Cape Town/Annapolis
* Leopard 48 catamaran,936nm,Annapolis/Ft Lauderdale
* Tui Marine (The Moorings and Sunsail)
Personally sailing and co-managing our team of skippers to deliver 17 boats, mono`s, sail and power catamarans from the Annapolis Boat Show and Charleston South Carolina, USA to the various bases in the Caribbean.
* Beneteau Oceanis 43 mono - Tortola to La Paz (Sea of Cortez) 3,449 nm's
* Beneteau 50 mono - Fort Lauderdale to Tortola 1,215 nm's
* Irwin 52 mono - Puerto Rico to Albany NY, 1657 nm's
* Lagoon 42 cat - Tortola to Fort Lauderdale, 1,042 nm's
* Beneteau 50 mono,1093nm,Miami/Tortola
* Leopard 44 cat,1640nm,Annapolis/Tortola
* Leopard 39 PC,943nm,Annapolis/Ft Lauderdale
* Jeaneau 41 mono,1321nm,Charleston/Tortola
Oct 2010-Jan 2011
Tui Marine (TheMoorings & Sunsail )
* Personally delivering and co-running a team of skippers to deliver 27 odd brand new The Moorings & Sunsail boats from the factory delivery point in South Carolina, USA to various bases around the Caribbean and Mexico plus taking the brand new show boats up to the Miami boat show for Tui Marine USA 
* New Admiral 40ft catamaran - Cape Town, South Africa to Grenada WI's, 5,821nm's
*  Leopard 47ft power catamaran - Abacos Bahama's - Florida
* New Admiral 40ft catamaran,"s/v Punta Azul" with owners, Cape Town SA - Trinidad, 5537nm's
* Baltic 56 mono, 3061 nm's, Stockholm to Palma (Majorca)
* Leopard 46 catamaran 5893 nm's, Turkey - Tortola BVI
* Leopard 384 catamaran, 1127 nm's, Fort Lauderdale - Tortola, BVI
* Admiral 50ft catamaran, 2381nm's, Cape Town, SA - Madagascar
* New Admiral 40ft catamaran, 7235 nm's, Cape Town, SA - Fort Lauderdale
* New Admiral 40ft catamaran, 7165 nm's, Cape Town SA - Fort Lauderdale
* New Admiral 40ft catamaran, 7165 nm's, Cape Town - Fort Lauderdale
* New Admiral 40ft catamaran, 7812 nm's, Cape Town, SA to Annapolis
* New Admiral 40ft catamaran, 923 nm's, Annapolis - Fort Lauderdale
* New Admiral 50ft catamaran, 7100nm's, Cape Town, SA - Fort Lauderdale
* Admiral 50ft Catamaran, 3576nm, Salvador, Brazil, up Amazon River to Santa Rem, Orinoco River to Trinidad
* New Admiral 40ft catamaran, 7812nm, CT-Annapolis
* Admiral 50ft Catamaran, 6605nm,, Grenada - Rio de Janeiro, Grouph Island (Roaring 40's!!) to CT, SA
* New Leopard 40 catamaran, 6040nm, CT, SA - BVI, Tortola
* Admiral 38 catamaran, 1858nm, Fort Lauderdale to Annapolis, return
* Admiral 38 catamaran, 964nm, Annapolis - For Lauderdale
* New Leopard 43 catamaran, 6909nm, CT, SA-Miami
2004* Admiral 38 catamaran, 1993nm, Fort Lauderdale-Annapolis return
* Admiral 38 Catamaran, 1008nm, Annapolis-Fort Lauderdale
* 34 Gemini catamaran, 255nm, Fort Lauderdale-Punta Gorda
* Beneteau 460, 1112nm, Fort Lauderdale-Houston, Texas
* Monohulls/Catamarans 39-50ft, 2800nm's, Florida keys and Bahama's day sails, charters and deliveries 
* Island Spirit 40 Catamaran, 1170nm, Fort Lauderdale-Tortola BVI
* Beneteau 460, 3685nm, La Paz, Mexico-Ft Lauderdale
* Admiral 38 Catamaran, 3369nm, Grenada-Annapolis-Ft Lauderdale
* Mono's/Catamarans 38 – 51ft, 3086nm, Florida keys & Bahama's day sails and single handed deliveries
2003 – 2004:/General Marine Technician, Ft Lauderdale                       
2002 - Charter Base Manager, Florida keys
2001* St Francis 44 catamarans, 13672nm, Florida-Med-CT, SA
* Woods 35ft catamaran, 1095nm, Houston - Fort Lauderdale
* 40ft ketch, 340nm. Fort Lauderdale - Fort Meyers
* Beneteau 332, 1368nm, Charleston-Tortola, BVI
* Privilege 43 catamaran, 1262nm, Ft Lauderdale-Connecticut
* Prout Snowgoose catamaran, 891nm, Ft Lauderdale-Chesapeak
* 44 Beneteau, 3775nm, Antigua - Gibralter
* 40 Woods catamaran, 4967nm, Rio de Janeiro-Ft Lauderdale
* Dufour 45, 173nm, Fort Lauderdale-Nassau
* Privilage 39 catamaran, 2113nm, Grenada - Fort Lauderdale
* Privililage 39 catamaran, 1820nm, Fort Lauderdale-Grenada
* Admiral 38 Catamaran, 1105nm, St Martin-Ft Lauderdale
* Admiral 38 Catamaran, 5992nm, Cape Town, SA - St Martin
* 40ft Woods Catamaran, 295nm, Table Bay Charters, CT, SA
* 40ft Woods Catamaran, 819nm, Durban-CT, SA
* Dean 440 Catamaran , 983nm, Richards Bay-Saldanha Bay, SA
* St Francis 44 Catamaran, 901nm, Richards Bay - CT, SA
* Woods custom 40 Catamaran, 2571nm, Mahe-Seychelles-Durban, SA
* St Francis 44 Catamaran, 2313nm, Mahe-Seychelles-Richards Bay, SA
* 1998: Navigator, Woods custom catamaran, 3840nm,  CT, SA - Seychelles
* 1997, crew, Compass 47,420nm, Durban-PE, SA
* 1997, crew, 35 Simonis catamaran, 560nm, Knysna-Durban, SA
* 1997, crew,  43 Kelsall catamaran, 226nm, Durban day sailing
* 1997, crew, Moody 395, 530nm, Durban - East London to Durban, SA
30.06 to 31.07.97
* L34 Ocean Sailing Academy, 5 Week Captains Course, East Coast Durban, Richards Bay and Port St Johns
1988 to 1996
* Various mono's as crew/pleasure sailing +/- 2000 nm's

04 May 2013

Delivery reference Dec. 2014 of a brand new Outremer 45 catamaran, France to St Martin, BVI

Adam & Lisa Friedlander
3 Upland Lane
Armonk, New York, 10504
Tel: 914-694-6000 Ext. 206

December 17, 2014

Captain Jan Cluistra
The Yacht Delivery Team
850 NE 3rd Street Suite 210
Dania Beach, Florida 33004

Re: Our Atlantic Crossing
Dear Jan,

After the initial euphoria of buying a new Outremer 45 in France, I was a bit overwhelmed by how I would get her back to New York, provision her, perform sea trials, and find a captain and crew, all while meeting work and family commitments…until I hired you.

After calling your references who all spoke to your unparalleled ocean crossing and catamaran experience, your wonderful nature and integrity, I was very excited about the voyage.

I am very grateful to you for making a dream trip a wonderful reality. You delivered on every promise, your word your bond. You assembled a talented crew, passionate about sailing, easy going with “can-do” attitudes.

You taught me so much on the trip about how to get and interpret weather, catamaran sailing strategies, how to use the latest technology, sail selection, engine and water maker maintenance, docking techniques, chafing mitigation and what tools and equipment were best. Watching your wonderful leadership skills as Captain, I will be calmer and more open minded.  Even though you’ve crossed the ocean 36 times, you welcomed any question and suggestions. Your coaching raised my confidence to another level.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to hire you. It was an honor to sail with you.


Adam Friedlander

03 May 2013

Report of Delivery of s/v Cornoto - Sept 2011

-------- Original Message -------
Subject: Thanks for your report on Coronoto
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 13:36:22 -0400
From: Perk Perkins Perk@ORVIS.com

To: jan cluistra
CC: Michel Benarrosh michelbena@gmail.com

Dear Jan

Thank you for your delivery report on s/v Coronoto, my 46ft Leopard catamaran
and also the safe conveyance of her from Grenada to Just Catamarans,
Fl., USA. Michel gave me a glowing report on your skills and
professionalism so I am honored to have had the Catamaran in such
qualified hands.

This all makes me want to pursue your delivery of the boat to Belize
(with me aboard) with greater zeal depending upon your sailing
commitments in November. I would really like to benefit from your
seamanship by joining you on this leg from Ft Lauderdale south therefore if you could Let me know what might be possible.

Kind Regards

Perk Perkins

02 May 2013

Letter of Recommendation S/V "Galetae" - JAN CLUISTRA

ELECTRONIC MAIL: dcnewman@mit.edu

ROOM 33-307
(617)253-4196 (FAX)

Boston, February 27, 2004
To whom it may concern:
It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Mr. John Cluistra. We first met John almost three years ago in the island of Ua Pu in the Marquesas archipelago (French Polynesia) during our circumnavigation. John was skippering a catamaran that he was sailing from South Africa towards Australia. We traveled parallel courses throughout the South Pacific. Later on we met in Tahiti where we had long discussions on navigation, heavy weather tactics, and many technology issues regarding on board systems and boat construction. We found John's knowledge on these subjects to be of great depth not only for having studied the literature but it was obvious that his knowledge came from first hand experience and having spent endless hours on the ocean.
We met John again in South Africa at the False Bay Yacht Club (FBYC) where he was formerly the commodore. After sailing the coast of South Africa for more than three months we found that John's legacy to the FBYC and his reputation, both as a racing and cruising skipper is monumental throughout the dangerous coast of that great country. He is regarded by his peers as one of the most able captains in all of South Africa.
We would also like to highlight John's commitment to education and outreach to youth. He spearheaded a program to teach disadvantaged South African youth to learn to sail, and more importantly, to empower them with confidence and opportunities for life. We are both educators and John introduced us to children and teachers in the Western Cape where we were able to give seminars and arrange a video conference between South African students and an astronaut in the US to discuss exploration via space and sea. John's tireless work to support children, education, and sailing in South Africa are truly admirable.
While at the FBYC we had to perform major structural repairs to the chain plates of Galatea, our 47' cutter rigged sailboat. John came up with the best structural and economic solution to the problem, found the right people to perform the work and supervised the implementation, all of which was finished on time and well within budget.
The most significant asset of John is not his nautical and technical knowledge, but his positive personality and integrity as a human being. John possesses a wonderful sense of humor and is one of the most polite people we have ever met.

We have decades of sailing experience, have sailed all over the world and have met many captains in our lives. We can say with utmost certainty that John Cluistra is one of the finest skippers that we have ever met and we would entrust him to deliver Galatea as well as any sailing vessel to any waters on this planet.
Please feel free to contact us at any time if you need additional information. Sincerely,

Cap. Guillermo L. Trotti Prof. Dava J. Newman
trottig@aol.com dnewman@mit.edu
781-631-7750 (USA) 617-258-8799
Scanned from signed original, Cape Town November 2008

01 May 2013

Letter of Recommendation S/V "Blue Dog Cat" - JAN CLUISTRA

Michael Kinghorn
4201 N. Ocean Blvd. C-607
Boca Raton, Florida, 33431
February 11,2006
To Whom It May Concern:
In my career as a high school principal I have been privileged to work with a lot of good and capable people. John Cluistra is as conscientious and knowledgeable as anyone I have known.
He was the delivery captain in my passage from Cape Town, South Africa to Boca Raton, Florida. This was an ocean journey of approximately 8,000 nautical miles through the South Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic. Throughout those 43 days (and nights) John was altogether confident and competent in all the tasks of a captain.
Whatever was amiss on the boat, John had a solution from a broken main halyard to loose plumbing fixtures. He was so conscientious; in fact, he seemed to take responsibility for the wind. If it wasn't blowing from the direction or speed needed, John seemed to even take responsibility for that. He searched weather patterns and currents to put us in the right position throughout the trip. As a result we passed through storms, doldrums and winds on our bow without missing our projected E.T.A. for any of our projected landfalls.
In addition to his own competence he is an excellent mentor. He had previously provided the instruction and leadership to make our first mate, Grant Gerard, an excellent delivery captain in his own right. Throughout the journey he eased me and my wife, Jane, into our own high level of confidence and sailing competence. This was done with gentle understanding of our concerns and inexperience.
Finally he is an interesting and affable person who provided good company. I have the highest regard for John Cluistra as a delivery captain and a person and give him my unqualified recommendation in every regard.
Michael Kinghorn
Scanned from signed original, Cape Town, November 2008

30 April 2013

Letter of recommendation S/V "Green-On-Blue" - JOHN CLUISTRA


Green-on-Blue Atlantic 42 Catamaran
Homeport: Vernon, Texas, USA Owner-Skipper: Kelly Wright
February 24, 2004
To Whom It May Concern:
I have sailed alone with John Cluistra from False Bay, South Africa to Brazil, then to the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal, and across the South Pacific to Australia, and know him to be a consummate seaman who abilities as a delivery skipper are unequalled by anyone I am familiar with.
In the course of these voyages we encountered uncomfortable and troubling sailing conditions and several serious equipment failures (loss of steering, electrical system and autopilot problems), and John handled all of these bothersome events with a calm competence that is his hallmark. Also, on another boat John and I and a third person experienced sinking to deck level (it was a catamaran or would have otherwise sunk completely), requiring rescue by the South African Navy, and John remained calm and focused throughout.
John is very knowledgeable in all facets of sailing, and can install and repair almost any piece of equipment. His practically limitless practical knowledge about boats and their equipment comes largely from his experience in building, I believe, seven large cruising boats, and his own extensive cruising and racing history. He has been an important figure in the South African sailing community for years, including holding the positions of yacht club commodore and other offices, and chairmanship of the racing and safety at sea committees of the South African national sailing organization on whose board he was regularly elected. John also has the innate feel for the sea and wind and direction that all really good sailors must possess. He is likewise a conservative sailor who limits risk-taking as much as possible.
Besides possessing all the technical skills, John’s character is beyond reproach. He is not a smoker, hardly ever takes a drink (and certainly never while underway), has never used drugs, and his word is as good as gold. He is also a great guy to have aboard as he has a good sense of humor and is very polite and considerate towards others.
John’s only failing is that he is not much of a cook.
All in all, I know of no one whom I could recommend as highly for any position as I do John. Certainly he has to be one of the top skippers anywhere.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish me to verify any of the above.
Kelly Wright

29 April 2013

Letter of recommendation S/V "Didi Mau" - JAN CLUISTRA

*George & Christine Brown*
PO Box 7989Incline VillageNevada 89452Registered in Nevada, USA- Registration:
*United States of America*June 7, 2004Subject: Letter of RecommendationTo Whom It May Concern,It gives us great pleasure and privilege to write a letter of
recommendation for John Cluistra. This letter cannot possibly cover all
the personal and professional qualities John possesses, but only
attempts to briefly highlight the points we consider most important.We have just completed a passage with John (our delivery captain) that
took seven weeks and covered over 7000 nautical miles. We were fortunate
to be "crew" for this very capable captain on our 38' catamaran, built
in Cape Town, South Africa.The trip included all the normal challenges of such a long passage, as
well as some unanticipated mechanical, navigational, and weather
situations. John was magnificent. He was always aware of what was
happening and intuitively knew what would come next. He kept ahead of
the boat, did a quick study of any possible problems, if time permitted
he asked for crew input, and then took appropriate corrective measures
before they became dangerous. He demonstrated this over and over again
during the course of the passage. John is a "sailor's sailor" in every
aspect of the profession: Mechanical breakdown (being a new boat there
were many); sailing in severe weather; excellent navigational skills;
prudently managing the boat's systems; diplomatically dealing with
immigrations and custom officials in five different countries as well as
handling the US Coast Guard. In ever aspect, John was superb.We started this adventure as inexperienced sailors, so of course, we had
some trepidation over the magnitude of this passage. John's leadership
quickly quelled any reservations we had and instead he instilled self
confidence in our sailing ability.Even during the most stressful times, his manner had a calming affect on
the crew. Without fanfare, he worked the most hours, did the hardest
jobs, and anticipated our boat problems. If we made mistakes in
accomplishing a task, he concentrated on praising what was done right
and gave positive critique on how to improve. He was a very patient teacher.Thanks to John, we came away from this trip with renewed confidence. We
are ready to make this boat our home and sail anywhere.Sincerely,Bill and Chris Brown

28 April 2013

Referal letter - John Kotze

From: btrikas@inetdispatch.com
To: johnkotze@hotmail.com
Subject: Boat Delivery - Sorry for the delay in getting this to you!
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 22:42:54 -0400


Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future. I’m very pleased with your services as a delivery captain

I’m especially happy that you took the time on your own initiative to go a week early to the boat and confirm sea worthiness. This was critical as this was a new boat for me and I only had the surveyor to rely on. Your perseverance in identifying and lining up people to resolve the issues found clearly made the difference in successfully delivering the boat

Thanks a Million!


27 April 2013

Letter of Recommendation S/V "Eclectic" - John Kotzé

Wayne T. Stone
87 Brook Hill Drive
Seekonk, MA 02771
July 30, 2008
To whom it may concern:
This letter is intended as a reference for Captain John Kotze. John took my Admiral 40 catamaran with me and two other crew members from Cape Town, South Africa to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in just less than two months. Along the way we had three to four day layovers in; St. Helena Island, Fortaleza Brazil and St. Lucia.
John proved to be extremely professional and competent in his preparation and problem solving. It would be readily apparent to anyone that Capt. John has a great deal of experience and his philosophy is predicated on safety and problem prevention.
People ask why I would take a Captain when I myself have a USCG Masters rating: a trip of this nature is not to be taken lightly and John provided guidance and preparation at a very high level. He prevented as many problems as he could while anticipating all probable issues and planning for them. He made the journey a learning situation: namely how to be a professional Captain and he taught an old sea dog some very useful tricks of the trade, and was very accommodating doing it.
I would recommend him to anyone planning a sailing adventure.
Please feel free to contact me (if I am not out sailing) at 508-336-5066 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              508-336-5066      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or at waynet@comcast.net and I would be pleased to discuss this further.
Captain Wayne T. Stone
S/V Eclectic


26 April 2013

Referal letter - John Kotze

Subject: Thanks
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 12:42:55 -0500
From: b@bruceparadis.com
To: johnkotze@hotmail.com
CC: curtf@hickorytech.net


I’ve been back home a few weeks and just viewed the movies of our voyage from Cape Town, South Africa to Fortaleza, Brazil. It brought back great memories of a rare lifetime experience. We had never attempted a sail beyond the boundaries of Lake Superior or the Caribbean. The 4000 mile trans Atlantic voyage was a whole new level for us. As we learned our new boat’s operations and contended with the uncertainties of a long voyage, your steady, experienced seamanship guided us flawlessly. The daily routines that you organized, helped to spread the work evenly and encouraged the amiable passage of time. I would highly recommend you as a world class skipper.

I wish you the very best in Florida, and if I can be of assistance, please ask.

Thank you,

Bruce Paradis

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25 April 2013

NEW OWNERS SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT LIST (smaller items can be purchased back home)

There is a lot to think about when your new boat is being built and about to be launched. Below are some items that you might want to consider based on questions that I get asked by many new owners:

Additional items required over and above what is supplied by the boat factories and it definitely pays to start looking early at your options to save on costs.

Always carry flares on your dinghy just in-case the motor cuts and you find yourself out at sea. Oars are easy on a solid dinghy, but on an inflateable or RIB it is tricky to row in the right direction and very slow. At night have a light on your dinghy which is best fixed onto the top of your outboard with magnets. This way people can see you! Put a cord on the cut off switch on the motor so just in case you fall overboard the outboard will stop. Never forget that a fast dinghy is very dangerous, especially at night when visability is poor and lights are reflecting on the water. Hard dinghies are very unforgiving to the gelcoat on your boat whereas the inflatables (good makes can be found in the Caribbean) are good for the boat but can be damaged in rough areas.

Do you need a 6 or 8 man life raft, hard or soft box, single or double floor for cold climate sailing where you intend to keep the boat. Which make? can raft be serviced internationally? Give yourself enough time to look at shipping a life raft purchased overseas to the factory as it cannot be sent by air without disarming it, i.e. taking out the gas canister, flares. This is where it is perhaps easier to purchase a life raft in the country that the boat is being built in, especially if the manufacturer has overseas branches to service and repair it. This will save on the hassle and cost of sea or air-freight.

Firstly you need a VHF licence to have it programmed. Some different options are manual or automatic deploy (water activated), built-in GPS location for greater accuracy and quicker finding time.

Look at an extra hand-held GPS as back-up. How big must it be and what features are needed, does it need to interface with a laptop?

Also an excellent low cost personal tracking device.

Electronic and paper charts for the area that you intend to sail in (what do you need for the delivery route?)

A must have these days! Features to look for should include WI-FI, reasonable storage for photo’s and charts (250+ gigs). Spill proof key board is great to have. A 12 volt plug would save having to use inverter or generator set to charge it. If you are wanting to SKYPE friends/family, a built-in web cam would also be helpful, a DVD writer for back-up and copying. The graphics and speed do not need to be high unless you intend to Game or watch DVD's. A tough laptop that can withstand the bumps is also recommended (built-in shock absorbers!)

Essential for safety as well as a family or business communication tool.

Short range communication can be handled by VHF or mobile phone with a local phone card or roaming facility, but only if within range of land and a beacon.

for long range options.
SSB PRO’S: is that all listeners will hear a distress call, you are able to listen to many safety and weather nets , you can receive weather fax through your laptop and modem, you can attach a modem for cheap e-mails in plain text format (no pictures or attachments!)
SSB CON’S: high initial out-lay, then it becomes a low running cost. You need a level of expertise to get the most out of it, dependant upon quality of reception.

SATELLITE PHONE PRO’S: It is easy to use, has good reception therefore instant worldwide communication, can receive e-mails and weather grip files through modem and laptop, is portable enough to take home. Short msg emails can be sent via the sat phone re confirmation of weather, etc.
SATELLITE PHONE CON’S: Not really many at all !! It is no longer that expensive to purchase the phone and has now become relatively cheap with Inmarsat to set up on a "pay as you go" system instead of having to buy large bundles of airtime that often expired without use as they were only available for a 12 month period.

TENDER/DINGY: Either inflatable, RIB or hard dingy.
Inflatable pro’s: light to handle, stable, does not damage boat when you bump it, floats when rolled or full of water , can stow in small space - con’s, easily damaged, hard to row, needs to be pumped up often.
RIB pro’s: faster , solid floor, better ride and floats when full of water - con’s is heavier to lift and carry up beach.
Solid dingy pro’s: very hard wearing, usually light (especially if Aluminium) and rides well - con’s: does not float unless has built-in buoyancy, usually narrower and less stable. Can also cause a lot of damage to your boats gelcoat/paintwork if not fitted with good fender systems!

A must have for the modern power hungry boat to save on fuel costs to run an on-board generator or engine hours on motors.

SOLAR PANELS: I personally like solar power if the area your boat will be in enough sun for most of the day (try to not let the mainsail shadow them) . Although initial out-lay is quite high, it is quiet, clean power that saves you having to run your engines/generator and burn fuel. The more panels that you can afford, the better.

WIND GENERATORS (you will have to find a quiet one that does not vibrate!) A combination of solar and wind power will cover most of your requirements. The more isolated the cruising ground, the greater the advantage of alternate power sources.

Basically, it is wise to generate power with all the systems available as sooner or later you will need it!

WATER MAKERS:  Essential if cruising and crossing oceans - also try to rig a rain catcher system on your bimini on a cat or wherever on a monohull.
I hope that this information helps you with choices for your new boat. If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me.